Girls, Does it matter what he drives?

Ladies, do you get turned on by what a man drives? Let's say he has a big diesel Ram, Chevy, GMC or Ford brand new. Does it turn you on? What turns you on about it?


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  • For me a man's vehicle is a sign of his economic stability. If he drives a shitty little car I don't care about the car itself, but it does perhaps signal that he isn't doing well economically. On the other hand, if he has a really nice vehicle it may show that he is well-off, which of course is a good thing!

    The only caveat to that is I do wonder whether he blew all of his money on that vehicle, meaning he is simply bad at money management :P But in any case, that's how I feel... the vehicle doesn't matter to me in and of itself, but more for what it represents.

    • Wow thank you that's a good way to put it

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    • oh lol, I got a notification that I got an MHO, and I thought it was this one :P Sorry! Turns out I clicked on the wrong notification, haha.

    • Lol I hear ya


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  • Nope, what he drives doesn't bother me. I may think the vehicle is cool, depending on what he drives.

  • I'm not that turned on by trucks. Now a c4 corvette would turn me on. But I think it more depends on the guy. I get turned on by a guy who drives an old Honda Civic. But it's the guy that turns me on, not the car.

    • That's cool thanks for your opinion

    • You're welcome. ☺️ It's really the truth.