Am I being the selfish one?

So me and my boyfriend have been toghether for 3 years naw, and for them 3 years I'v had a job I work as a model and do shoots for clothing, I'm busy most of the time with my job I'v worked very hard to get were I am and I love my job, but my boyfriend seems to think I never have time for him so I'v started to council a few of my shoots to spend time with him and when I have to leave the country I always bring him with me, but he wants me to quit my job am I being the selfish one if I say no?


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  • No he is being very demanding. Seeing that you are already cancelling some of your shoots to spend more time with him. You are already adapting te meet his wishes. You are already making a compromise, which relationships are about. Now he should make a compromise and support you in the rest of your carreer.

  • Well, you are already making some compromise to see your boyfriend but then your boyfriend isn't really being considerate.

    No, you won't be selfish if you say "NO" to him, I mean a supportive boyfriend will always encourage you to follow your passion and he doesn't seem to be doing that.


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