Is Nissan Altima a good choice for first time drivers?

I'm getting a second job so I'll be able to afford a car around November. I've found a couple for $8,000-11,000 for mileage under 50,000. One that really caught my attention was a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 S for $10,800 with 25,000 miles and the dealer with a 4star rating. I found more like that with similar mileage and prices. Is a Nissan Altima a good choice for a first time driver?

My mistake, it's $10,800 for 35,000 miles


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  • Of course. What matters is that the car takes you where you need to go and it's fully paid for. You first car is more likely to be totaled or damaged in an accident than actually fail you in terms of functionality.

    • Yeah I'll mostly use it to go to work and get to my school. But is $10,000 too much for a first car? People are telling me to go around $5,000 and lower but the mileage is around 100,000 and the cars are ugly lmao

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    • One more question, how can I save into Google? Is there a site for me to go on? I'm not the best in math... Would that reflect badly on me?

    • Choose a brokerage account, Scottrade or TD Ameritrade. Go to their website and start an account. From there, you'll probably get on the phone with someone and they'll ask about what you want to do/know about investing. Just say you want to invest your extra cash in Google.

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  • Nissians are good cars.
    Nissians and toyotas are probably the nost quality cars that are affordable.
    They hold up well.


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  • It's a good car for you. I think when it comes to cars that last for a long time with a reasonable price is first to last on my list. Toyota, honda, Acura, then nissan. Just make sure your note is not too high causing you to work two jobs until your car is paid off because you still have to pay insurance. If I could go back, I would pay cash for a car and save my money then, trade the car in for a down payment and use some of the cash that I save to buy a better car. I say this becasuse being in a long term debt for a car can get stressful knowing this debt will be with you for years.

  • No teens are more likely to have a car accident go with a beat up cheese wagon.


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