Do you watch Major League Baseball?

The 2016 Major League Baseball season kicks off on Sunday, April Third, with three opening day games. It is based in North America-With 29 teams from the United States of America, and one team in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

Baseball is my favorite sport, and it always has been. I'm a lifelong, and die-hard Cincinnati Reds fan.

  • Yes, I watch Major League Baseball-And it's my favorite sport.
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  • Yes, I watch Major League Baseball-But it's not my favorite sport.
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  • No, I don't watch Major League Baseball-But I do watch other forms of Baseball.
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  • No, I don't watch Baseball at all-But I play Baseball.
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  • No, and I don't watch, or play Baseball.
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@EmpatheticLady The Orioles might struggle, but I don't think they'll do as bad as my Reds!

@BeerFarts The Mets should be solid this year again! They have the absolute best pitching staff, without a doubt.


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  • Yes, I do and I'm a huge Mets fan! Let's go Mets!

    • Who would have thought the Royals would be their kryptonite?

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    • As a matter of fact, this is the first time in MLB history that the previous season's World Series teams are opening up the season against each other.

    • Thanks for MHO and yes, our pitching is our strength! Go Mets!


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  • I watch some here and there. It's not my favorite sport, but I like it enough to keep up with my team and watch a good percentage of their games. I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan.


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  • It's not my favorite, but it watch it.

  • More a basketball and football typeof guy