You ever try to express your feelings to someone to hear you out?

But all you hear is dumbness in return by some people. Everyone can't be talk to because they can't understand it and never will. Sometimes the journey in life was only meant for you to go through and pain. I love when I can relate to someones pain.

Where is the compassion at and love? It seems like its been gone forever some people are so heartless. This is one of my reasons why I don't open up.
@Tdieseler whats your opinion?


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  • well its not their fault if they say anything dumb because they never been through what we've been through, only a person who's going through some pain only he/she knows what its like to be in pain while others can only say that dont worry or its not a big deal because they dont know what its like to walk in their shoes. i myself has some life past that i was in soo much emotional pain but i dont share that with anyone because i know its gonna sounds normal to them and they won't know how painful and heartbraking was it for me thats why i never share anything of mine like that to anyone.

    • Well what you said makes sense and maybe me and you have more in common then what I thought. I don't share with everyone but sometimes you have a connection with someone and you want to share it so they can know you better.

    • @RicanEyes always remember you can't make anyone realize or make them understand what its like when you are or were in pain and alone, if someone doesn't understand then dont rush or try to make them understand because if you do your gonna get your feelings hurt because they will never understand and probably say anything stupid that'll hurt your feelings, i know its very hard but its better to be in pain and feel alone rather than trying to make someone else understands who never understands that how we felt or feeling.

    • Thank you!


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  • One thing I have realised I life, is that it's each man for himself. Expressing my feelings to someone (not referring to romantic feelings here) almost always gets me criticised, and I get judged. So yeah, I am learning to pick myself back up when I am down. I don't need anyone, I'm content being by myself! :)

  • Seems you are in so much pain.. Me too let's share our pain


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  • Yes, it's quite annoying actually. I make myself as clear as possible and the only response I get is one with lack of thought and pure idiocy.
    Ahh! That's when I usually change the topic and say forget it.