Why many people lately add a dog's snout on their profile pictures?

It's fuckin' ridiculous... I don't like it... wot kind of trend's dat?

Do ya understand yer uglyfyin' yerselves? From 8 out of 10... yer gonna look like only 2 out of 10...


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  • It's a filter on Snapchat. Many people use the app, and they think it's a fun filter. Different strokes for different folks.


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  • Chill man...


    Umad? ;)

  • It is a snapchat filter. I think people do it because they think it is funny/cute, not because they are trying to look cute and whatnot.

    I personally find it interesting/funny myself, but to each their own. The snapchat filters are fun to mess around with lol

    • trying to look *attractive* and whatnot

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    • Hey, everyone's humor is different. Some find things funny, some don't. Some find witty humor as boring, some love slapstick. Some think slapstick is immature and vulgar, some find witty humor as intellectual and brilliant. Who are we to judge one another's personal tastes in comedy? Rather-- why should we have the right to rank our humor and preferences of comedy better than another person? :)

      I would argue that it is all in good fun, and causes no harm to anyone, so it's ok to do. Many find it interesting/funny, so I would say let em have their fun.

    • Hm... fair enough..

  • It's a trend because it's cute and funny. Calm yo tits mate. And why should girls care if they look ugly or good for you?

    • Only me?

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    • Imagine then someone ya like pops-up on yer way to da store... wouldn't it be shitty to be unshaved?

    • On the contrary, I could use it to my advantage and joke about it. "Oh, look who I ran in to... damn, should have shaved lol" or something like that.

  • That's their bitch face.

  • It's a Snapchat filter, I think. Snapchat is very popular, and fun to use.