I have blocked him twice, how do I get rid of him for good?

I went on 2 dates with this guy and decided that it wouldn't work between us (he spoke in old English at times and called me a wench at one point). I didn't hear from him for a year after that; when he messaged me the first time, I was dating someone new and he flipped out when he found out. He told me I was a bitch for leading him on and then started threatening suicide; and did I mention that he has a girlfriend at this time? So I blocked his number.
He then started harrassing me on Facebook and tried contacting my boyfriend multiple times. We both blocked him.
A year has passed since then and I got a message today from an unknown number. It was him wanting to see how I was doing and if I was still dating "that one guy". I told him yes I was and had no desire to talk to him. He didn't freak out this time but he told me that he was gonna leave me alone because he hated hearing that I was still with my boyfriend. Should I go ahead and block him again, or is there any other way I can handle this situation? I really want him to stop trying to contact me.


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  • Don't block him. If you want him to stop contacting you, say it again that it's worst when he tries to contact you. Maybe, now he's not as stubborn as before.

  • Block him again. Maybe since he said he would leave you alone, he actually will next time. If he contacts you again even though he said he wouldn't, then you should tell him to never contact you again or you're going to the police.