Is being a doctor worth it?

Al those hours of study. I know someone's got to do the job and the world needs doctors, but should life really be about studying that much and not really enjoying your prime years

Not enjoying as in partying, but a balance would be nice. Work towards something, study hard, just don't make your whole life about working and studying.


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  • My brother's a surgeon, and yeah, the hours a pretty gruesome, but as a guy, it's totally worth it. The money, the women, the general admiration of pretty much everyone else who isn't a doctor.

    Think about it this way... in most other work/life balance careers, you'll spend X amount of hours at work, then Y hours chasing women. On top of that if you normalize the costs associated with chasing women into hours based on your hourly wage... the free time left over at the end of the day isn't all that different with a "lifestyle" career stream. With normal boring careers, you talk to girls, pay for dates 1, 2 and 3, and then maybe if your game is right, you'll get lucky. When you're a doctor you go to a bar, the girl inevitably asks what you do for a living, you don't even have to lie to her and it's game over. Congratulations on a job well done. You save on time chasing her, you save on money spent on chasing her, and the probabilities of success sky rockets.

    Of course all this is predicated on being a guy. I have no idea what it's like for girls to be women. I hear that it's not quite as awesome as men though. Mainly because women still have this innate desire to date higher than themselves, and when they're already making more money than they know what to do with before they turn 30, that's going to be tough. Also, a side effect of medical training is an inflated God complex. This is something that can turn some women on when they confuse it with confidence, but it's not something that turns men on at all.

    Having said all that, I don't think any of what I just said should matter. At the end of it all, how many jobs on this planet allows you to actually save someone's life with your hands every single day? To bring new life into the world? To ease the suffering of hundreds and thousands around you? If that kind of awesome doesn't inspire you, then forget it.

    • hahaha... brain fart on 3rd paragraph... I have no idea what it's like for girls to be doctors.

      I mean, I have no idea what it's like for girls to be women either, but... well... you get my point.

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    • Never (the prioritized part). The type of household I grew up in, when my dad bought a house and we were choosing rooms, my mother told me my brother gets the biggest room because when he grows older his wife and him can use the bigger room, whereas me and my sister would not live there forever. I was 19, my brother was 13.

      Also, if women choose to become a housewife, (which is now not really the norm in just about any culture), it doesn't mean they're respected. It just means there's no real pressure on them to earn an income

    • Really? When someone hijacks a plane, women and children gets released first. Sinking boat? Women and children first. Burning building? Women and children first. Sure you were stuck with a smaller room at 19. But when it's a matter of life and death, you get to keep your life more often than I get to keep mine.

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  • Yeah that must suck!


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  • Well I work in the medical field, although I am not a physician. I did training alongside medical students during college. I really have to hand it to them for their devotion to studying while in school, and the extreme hours they spend during their residency. I could not do it. I need my sleep! LOL... Personally for me, I would NOT have gone to medical school. I put in about 45 hours a week at my job and leave tired. For most physicians, that would be a slow week. LOL... So really it depends on who you are and how far you really want to take it. Being a doctor is not for everyone that is for sure. The hours are long and you really have to exercise a lot a patience with people. Not everyone is thankful for the help that you can provide them.

    • I come from exactly the same place, the medical field, and I agree completely with @ArrowheadSW

    • @Intraluminal How cool... You're in medical and you see it is no bed of roses. I squeezed 8 years of college into 6 years, and still I've NEVER said I should have become a doctor. LOL... When people say "they should have become a doctor" I usually walk away. Rarely do they know what they are talking about. // On the other hand, for those who are the type to do it, I really have to hand it to them. Hey we need doctors and if someone thinks they have what it takes then I say look into it at least.

  • Ideally, you should find a profession where studying is fun. Of course it can't always be fun and sometimes staying up late just to get some work done (whether it is studying for an exam or writing a paper) is very annoying but if you find a field that really sparks your interest, studying won't feel so bad after all. I can honestly say about myself that to a large degree, I enjoy studying because I enjoy the majors I study.

  • Not the lifestyle I would want to live. It takes a lot of commitment to be a doctor.


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  • Well, being an astrophysicist (I want a Ph. D.) takes forever, but it's worth it because that's what I want to do. I may not have a ton of free time, so it'll make me make the best use of my free time