How Much Student Loan Debt Do You Have Right Now?

I am 25, and I live with my parents. When I tell people that, they usually make fun of me... or they tell me I need to move out, get my own place and be a man, etc, etc, etc, etc.

When I finished school 1.5 years ago, I had $35,000 in student loan debt. It took my 6 months to find a job after graduation. However, after working, I now I have $1,000 left to pay off (my next paycheck should more than cover it).

So, basically, I am out of debt now... and I have a 750 credit score (I have credit cards also... but I usually get gas with my credit cards and that's it).

What about you, guys? Do you have student loan debt? How much?


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  • I've been paying off my 38,000 loan for 5 years - never had the option of living at home during or after uni. I will be done paying it around January. I was initially not apposed to finish paying it off for another 3 years but I have managed to overpay most months. I have 16,000 left.

    • NICE! What do you do for work?

    • And why couldn't you have lived at home

    • Because I grew up in the country and so I never had the option of living at home while going to school. And then I moved across the country half way through my degree to go to a enter school in a city I liked and stayed here.

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  • None so far.


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  • Let's just say I have more than enough.


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