I can't quite get over the fact that women seem to find men attractive? What on earth do you like about us?

It doesn't seem possible given how hairy, inelegant and ungracious so many of us are. What do you like about men? Not just what you "fancy". What do you like about us?

Thanks for liking men, even though we're so ugly, hairy and ridiculous.


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  • Lol as a bisexual I honestly prefer women visually but men just seem less stressful to keep as a partner and I like their "protective" side although it's kinda useless. I don't know, I would say I like the male personality but then what even is a male personality since not every man has the same personality and a lot of men probably have personalities that suck hells balls lol.. I also like the male body if they actually work for it, it just always pays off. Defined jawlines are great, too. P. S. I'm probably more picky than most people with looks though so don't ask me about unattractive, hairy men 😖😅


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  • Trust me--many, if not most, women can list WAY MORE reasons for why they can't get over the fact that men find THEM attractive.


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  • Opposites attract. What more can I say? xD

  • They seem strong and caring and safe, like they're capable of protecting us. Girls are just small weak high-voiced creatures as opposed to the mighty men.

    Of course this is an exaggeration, but it's to try to explain it to you.

    Im slightly bisexual and also understand how one can admire the gracious beauty and softness of a woman, but girls have always felt like something "less", they just appear smaller and less interesting to me when it comes to sex/romantic feelings (except for that one special girl once... yeah I really am bi although I like guys more often).

    In my heart Im submissive and I want a strong dominant male partner, one who is in control and capable of leading me. That's attractive in guys as well, compared to girls who usually tend to follow more.


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