Am I a loser for not going to my school's prom tonight? Will I regret it? Are people going to judge me for not going?

hey everyone. I'm a junior in high school and unfortunately I'm not attending my school's prom tonight. I had been planning to attend all year with my boyfriend at the time but he ended things a couple months ago and I never got asked by anyone else. Now he's going tonight with another girl and all of my friends are going too except for me because I didn't have a date or a group to go with. I'm literally the only girl in my grade not going and I feel like such an ugly loser because I didn't get asked while everyone else did. I know I still have senior year but that's a whole year away and I don't want to wait that long and with my luck I probably won't get asked next year either. All year I was so excited to go and the my dreams got crushed when my ex broke up with me and asked another girl. I heard prom is the biggest night of your life and I feel like there is something seriously wrong with me for missing it. Now I feel like I'm going to be made fun of for not going on Monday and I'm really sad and my depression is at an all time high. Will this matter in 5-10 years? Will people still like me when I didn't go to prom?


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  • You can't possibly be the only girl in your grade not going.
    I didn't go to junior or senior year prom because I'm a girlfriendless virgin retard.
    I do regret it, because I wanted to see what it would be like, even if I just went with guy friends. But my guy friends thought it was stupid, and the ones who didn't think it was stupid went with their dates.

    But you'll get over it.

    • Unfortunately I am, every girl I've talked to even the ones that I didn't expect to be going are going, and most of them have dates too, which is making me feel worse about myself. Some people say it's stupid but most say it's the best night ever at least at my school

    • Can relate to the last sentence...

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  • I didn't go to my school's junior prom, and I was fine. My friends wanted me to go, of course, but I just wasn't feeling it. There is always next year for you to attend if you want to. :)

    • I want to but I don't really have a close group of friends and I most likely won't have a date bc most guys at my school don't notice me

    • Well, if you want to go, you'll find friends to talk to here and there, even if they're not too close.


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  • It's fine there are a lot bigger parties in life 🎊

    • Is there? I was so sure that after high school and prom there really wasn't much to look toward to

    • Nope not really

  • i didn't go to my prom. I've literally never regretted it to this day


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  • Prom is so much better without a date. Why would you allow him to determine if you should go to prom or not. I feel like he won then. You always have next year for prom

    • All of my friends had dates and they said I couldn't come in their group without a date

    • I think its time to get new friends

  • I would go, maybe you'll be surprised. But stay with one of your friends.

    • It's too late now, it's tonight and you had to have bought your ticket last week

    • oh im sorry try doing something fun to forget about the prom