Guys, do you have any experience in brothel/erotic club?

Today for the first time I went to a famous brothel of germany along with erotics club. Naturally if I go to night club, girls directly hit on me. But here surprisingly all the pros are kind of avoiding me, like they go and talk with other customers but didn't come near me. Also like they are pulling all the people even the older ones, but avoiding me. In the end I had sex with someone, even though she was a whore, I tried to nice with her but seems like she's kind of uneasy with me. anyone has any such kind of experience.


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  • No I'm a not a monster

  • Man that has to be the ultimate snub... Getting rejected at a brothel.

    • Lol, no they didn't reject. They just didn't approach by themselves. It's completely reverse of my bar experience.

    • For some reason I'm not attracted to them. As I look like 20 years old may be they thought I don't have enough money :P :P