Is it just me or there are other people too who dont see sexual dreams or any nudity in dreams?

I've had so many kinds of dreams... Scary, spooky , creepy, embarrassing, deadly, confusing and even about kissing... I mean the gentle kind but no kind of vulgar dreams... My friends dream about sex a lot and its strange that i haven't ever.

  • Me too!!! I dont see em either
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  • Hell no!!! I've seen them
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  • This is not normal, u need help
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  • Here's the deal
    People who are really into sports talk about sports.
    People who are really into sex talk about sex.
    People who are into anything, talk about it.

    Same with what people dream about. Those people are not representative of the population as a whole. You are fine. Don't worry about it.


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  • I rarely see them, like once a year.

  • I've only had like 3