Do you ever laugh at things that shouldn't be funny?

I don't know why but I find car accidents to be very funny despite the fact that its serious and people can die.

This video for example makes me cry with laughter. I think I need therapy.


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  • Yep, I was in a funeral with my grandpa not to long ago I think I was twelve or eleven. Anyways we were laying monkey see monkey do as the pastor droned on and my grandpa laid his palm flat on his knee and raised his middle finger. Me being naive and thinking that it was only the middle finger if the others were curled down and out of sight I copied him. At that particular time my mother happened to glance over and saw me copying my grandfather who at this point nearly doubled over in laughter. Realizing what I had done I was initially appalled then started laughing along with my grandfather during the funeral sermon that had just finished leaving us to laugh in dead silence.


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