Do you ever follow someone just to get their attention?

  • Yeah
    16% (6)12% (3)15% (9)Vote
  • Neah
    54% (20)52% (13)53% (33)Vote
  • That's what the follow feature is for!
    3% (1)0% (0)2% (1)Vote
    11% (4)8% (2)10% (6)Vote
  • Max I followed u to shut you tf up
    3% (1)8% (2)5% (3)Vote
  • CATS
    11% (4)12% (3)11% (7)Vote
  • other
    2% (1)8% (2)4% (3)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • when it comes to following, I'm diva asf

    I don't follow unless you follow me first and unless I like you

    (there are exceptions of course, I can count them with one hand tho)

    on instagram I don't follow anyone, in we heart it either

    I've thought many times about unfollowing everyone on GAG tho, I hate all these recommendations of questions.
    Also, this following thing is not helpful at all, only to see their opinions and shit, but I wanted to see their opinions, I'd just go to their profile and stalk them.
    Everyone can send me messages so following shit is not helpful, only to feed your ego.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I suppose to a degree - I mostly follow people that interest me or ask to follow me so I probably want more interaction with them - It could be a wording situation "To get their attention" sounds a bit like a stalker but not minding talking to them more sounds much nicer - I think the point you are getting at is "Oh he/she is cute or popular, I would like to know them or be associated with them".
    In reality for me, I am 47 years of age, a bit old to be engaging in a mindset of high school social politics. One of the great things of getting old is that you can go grumpy old man and say "Can't be bothered really".

    • Nah by what you describe isn't really "getting their attention"

      Sorry bruh not accepted into the gossip club

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    • THey said it's cuz I'm pretend drunk

      I wouldn't listen to them!

    • Don't worry about it, you were having fun - When did the world get so serious - Show me a person who hasn't had a silly notion and acted on it - Your answer would be nobody.
      Hell everytime you post something here you are looking for attention - I post loads of opinions on GaG everyday - Okay, I am finally going to make a confession "My name is Dave and I am an attention seeker. I post stuff on GaG with express intention of people noticing it and sometimes replying, wow that was a weight of my shoulders, I am cured" - I am going to have to leave GaG now (LoL)


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