I can't find the name of this one anime?

-Its like an old anime maybe 1990-2007 maybe?
-The cover of it should be a guy and girl
-the story is about a girl going through her teenage years who eventually stays with her sweetheart. But from what I remember it was like she a teacher and they live together. So it goes from HS- to adulthood or maybe its already adult.
Genre_-slice of life/ romantic/drama
-It has a lot of episode
The closet thing I could find was Maison Ikkoku but I don't think thats it.
Thanks for trying anyways! ?:


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  • How did you know about it? Was an old thinng you saw?
    Got some pic?

  • I love anime, but haven't gotten around to seeing a good variation. I'm sorry... 🙁

    • its alright! Its the one that got away ): lol

    • There's an anime I saw the beginning of that I can't remember the name of, too. It was about a strange girl with ghostly/invisable hands she could grow and grab things with. That's how I remember it, at least.

  • And this is why I think we need some kind of a mind upload technology to read other people's thoughts.

    I don't know, but now I'm intrigued which one it is.


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  • Just Google what you know specifically about the anime. Try starting off by looking at forums about anime

    • I tried ): I got a headache form looking so much.

    • I know how you feel. I was looking for a movie with English subtitles and it took me a 2 days to find it

      And the other movies I really wanted to watch had no subtitles so I could not watch it

  • do you know some name of character? I think about clannad but I don't think it's that