What do you do when you're happy?


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  • I am not really happy that often anymore. I have no reason to be happy.

    • Aw, why?

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    • i know how you feel.
      most women like the "bad boy" type of men, even though they're mostly aware that those types of men have a higher chance of breaking their hearts.
      i like nice men, i tease them a lot, and i've been and still am in a relationship with a nice guy.
      he protects me, but still allows me to play a role, he doesn't interrupt me, and he listens to my opinions.
      women don't take any responsibility because they feel like as if they should always be right, for anything really, to be honest haha

    • @myrrie yes, I knew about that always having to feel right thing. Yeah, I knew about the bad boy thing but most women will not admit they like bad men.

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  • i eat.
    i facetime/hang out with friends.
    i do my nails.
    i sleep.
    i procrastinate.

    • Same...

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    • I'm so sorry!! :(

    • it's okay... i'm mostly known to be really quiet and antisocial, and at other times really loud and talkative, not to mention a little crazy, too


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  • Any one of my hobbies. Listen to music, play games, play with my dog, cook...

  • Smile...