Do you find that confident people are actually some of he most boring people ever? Like they do things that are fun with people, but are empty?

Of course it's not everybody who is confident, sometimes they are really passionate people or are very good caregivers and are extremely valuable members of society. But many times they are just party people who need other people to feel alive, because they don't have any real passion or hobbies, and usually love crappy fake music, and those fake social scenes which they end up despising.

Thy know all the current event of pop culture and everything about reality TV because it's super popular, and always have somebody to date and love, but have really boring stories. 'Oh man I went to the cottage this weekend I got sooo drunk', good sounds fun, but you did they same thing last weekend, so who cares

What do you guys think?


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  • Yeah its called being a narcissist they suck.


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  • I think you are confusing confidence with arrogance. A person can have one or the other or both qualities but a purely confident person will engage the people around him or her to an extant the arrogant person won't and in doing so become more interesting.


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  • No, but I feel like non-confident people are some of the most bitter and condescending folks out there.