Concerning Chyna; do you believe her ending was tragic or par for course?

The ex-female wrestler of the WWE met her end by what police believe to be an overdose of narcotics. She was a star in wrestling and that led to some very good Playboy shoot opportunities. And ofcourse, when the checks were getting low, her brief stint into the adult film industry. Concerning Chyna; do you believe her ending was tragic or par for course?

I personally think it's shame that NO ONE in the entertainment industry helped her to plan ahead. Talk her through Not Being in the Spotlight. Life After Fame.
What are your opinions?


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  • What happened to Chyna was sad, but not unusual for women who make a living out of their beauty and trade on that to gain celebrity.
    There comes an age when women hit what is called 'the wall'. That is the age at which their looks begin to fade and the opportunities to make money begin to evaporate.
    Some women do not deal well with this. Think Anna Nicole Smith and, possibly, Marilyn Monroe, although I think that a compelling argument can be presented that Marilyn was murdered by the Secret Service on the orders of Robert Kennedy.
    One of the saddest cases was actress Veronica Lake, upon whom the main female character in Roger Rabbit was modelled. She died almost destitute, in a trailer park, delivering pizzas to earn some money.
    Re hitting the wall, see:


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  • Yeah, but I imagine that's how it is for plenty of celebs. They gotta have that support group you know?

  • America? You make money or your as good as dead. If your not marketable your trash. You'll have a million pals with dough in the bank and not a one without. Nice place full of fuckin vultures. Fuck that for a laugh.

    • How is the rest of the world any better? The parable of the Prodigal Son was told centuries before there ever was an America.

    • @ObscuredBeyond americas a business not a country. Capatalism. If you can pay your golden, if you can't your trash. It started as a great idea before globalisation and the so called free market. Now whole countries are just fire sales. Anybody with money can come along and buy bits to rent back to the people and skim a profit. All facilitated by the government who are bought and paid for by the very men who are ripping off the people. If it's a fair system then why do a fraction of a percent own most of the value? It's a mafia racket on an international scale and the people just sit back and let it happen because they believe the crap they're told that one day it could be them. Money goes up and stays up, it's that simple. If you can make it your worth something. If not you might as well just die

    • America is a crony socialist pseudo-capitalist venture. Real capitalism, as envisioned by Adam Smith, had ethics. Cronyism is corruption incarnate, and corrupts capitalism into a purely materialistic entity. This is true everywhere, not just in America.

  • She deserves to be in the WWE hall of fame. She was the top 3 female wrestlers. Chyna, Trish and Lita.

  • Not a fan of her but it is a shame. Too young and yes she had many problems.