Do you think we are all the same or all different? Explain your reasoning?

This is what I think:
On the surface we all seem different. We have various personalities, likes and dislikes, style, etc.. Once we take away all the layers and get rid of the ego we are all the same.

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  • Yes. We're human. Not exactly a profound determination. But even after stripping away all of the personalities, likes and dislikes, and styles: men and women, for instance, are innately different. Even though we are human, we are different types of humans. Different neurotransmitter levels, different neurotransmitters. And the thing that disproves that is essentially brain chemistry. No one has the same biology. Otherwise they would be identical in every way.

    "The same" is really vague, too, so all you need is one example to disprove it. Totally "the same" implies there are absolutely no differences after stripping away the attributes you mentioned: personality, likes and dislikes, and styles. Are you trying to say that "we are all human"? That would have been a lot less cryptic and a lot more easy to understand.

    The same in what? The same physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Emotionally?

    At the same time, if you strip away all those things and you *really are the same*, what is the value of that? What does it mean? It means nothing, that I can see. It's not identifiable with. You are not the same as me. We share the same species, that's it. We don't share the same gender. We don't share the same proclivities, even if we strip away all the extraneous details--we only share some of the same instincts, but there are still major differences. If another male were to strip way all of the extraneous details, I still would not be the same as him, so long as I have a physical body.

    "If I became nothing, and you became nothing, then we would both be nothing." Yes. Absolutely true. But what is the point in that? You cannot strip those things away, so it's meaningless.

    We have major *similarities*. But we are not "the same".


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  • We are all different


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  • I have to say you do make valid points but I must say different. Core values determine the person , one persons molals may not mesh with someone else's

  • personality is shaped by environment and behavior per se
    since everyone's experience peculiar, we're all different

  • yes, we're all different but the same.


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  • We all bleed the same. But we are not all the same. And that goes beyond appearance.