Who here is a Muslim but not really (cuz they skip prayers but do the rest like fasting, etc)? im just really confused atm?

Like i try to pray, but lately im just feeling confused about everything. i live in the us. born here and stuff. im in college and I've just started thinking about the world. so much so that im beginning to question religon in general. so im just really confused, becasue i was brought up with islam (the good stuff, no violence of any sort). so are there people like you?

i also dont follow strictly halal like i'd eat stuff from restaurants as long as its not pork... so i guess im sinning there too. Another day in hell.


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  • My bfs Muslim and pretty much breaks every rule. He doesn't fast, doesn't eat halal (no pork though), smokes weed, drinks, never prays. He doesn't question though, he's like a hard up believer but I don't understand how he has one foot in and one foot out. You either follow your religion or you don't. It's weird though, I've noticed a pattern with Muslims (the westernized ones) where they want to do all the things typical westerners do and almost put their religion on a shelf and think well one day I'll follow my religion closely, but not now. My advice is if you want to live a life free of religion you should do it, and if you want be a devout Muslim you should do that... but pick one lol

    Also, I grew up Christian and am no longer a believer myself. I felt there was too much hate associated with organized religion and I'm not a hateful person. I felt like a weight was lifted when I disassociated from religion. I was free to accept people as they are and appreciate true love in all forms. At the end of the day if God is real, I don't believe he would send good people to hell anyways.


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  • I would be classified as a christian, because I was born in a christian country (I think it's stupid that a country has an official religion), and was a christian because I was automatically signed into that stupid thing - if your mother is a christian then the country automatically signs her newborn babies into the official country religion; as stupid as that sounds.

    But you'll probably find in your Quaran, must like me in the Bible, that there are way too many contradictions and just a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense.


    I'm also bewildered that a god, that's supposedly loves us, would send us to hell. And George Carlin feels that way too (or at least did, since he's dead I'm pretty sure he doesn't feel anything now)



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  • I was like you before.

    • And now?

    • And now much different. Alhamdulillah

      I care about whether the food is halal or not. I care about whether the brands I eat or buy from are oppressors or not. And other stuff, like prayers.. which you have to do 5 times a day. If you can't do the sunnah, at least do the fardh ones.

  • Hey there! I am a muslim and I also question many aspects of my religion. Which is normal I guess. I want to practise a religion I understand and know why I have to do certain actions.
    I question the details but I do strongly believe in the main values brought in by islam and I find them really wise and beautiful.

    All I can say is don't pressure yourself into thinking that you are "bad" or anything. You're just uncertain and God is almighty. I think you should clarify and sum up what you really are confused about and then you should make your own researches and read the Quran to try to give an answer to each question you have in mind.
    I also suggest you try to get some knowledge about other abrahamic religions as well so you can get a general vision about all of them since there are strong links between them.

    You can take your time in your spiritual journey and it's fine if your faith is not that strong.

  • yeah that's same as me, i told my parents that i'm not religious along with my two siblings and they took it surprisingly well. don't live a lie, if you don't connect with the religion and are muslim by tradition then forget it. you aren't a muslim anymore. it's more fun to just be kufar and own it rather than feeling guilty about things you don't even understand why they're wrong.

    • im so afraid of letting them know what i really think!!! i dont belive in it nearly as much as my parents do. they pray everyday

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    • I also have a younger brother that doesn't really belive any longer. and two other brothers (one holder and one younger) that do still but are like ime i guess. they haven't prayed either. but we still fast and stuff.

    • me too, my parents are SOO religious. they believe religion has made them be blessed enough to become wealthy when they both were born poor in a wartorn country. they're great people but they're also very smart and understand that religion is something you have to believe in starting from yourself.

      if you make an active try to make religion a serious part of your life and tell them that it just isn't for you, they'll believe you. i actually learned arabic just so i could study the quran and i still didn't see it's appeal. they believe that since i'm still open to religion that god will help me in my future and i'm ok with that.

      keep an open mind but also live your life, don't lie to yourself if you aren't religious. even if you break your parent's heart, at least you're being honest. then that gives them the initiative to help you see religion the way they do. if you aren't convinced then you aren't convinced, if you are then god bless you, you're going to heaven :D

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  • The western thought of sin as an equal to punishment we are meant to sin and to repent.

    I was like you my friend long time ago 5 years ago I questioned everything you could imagine but I searched and searched and reached the true relgion ( Islam ) I understood it and it's true meanings not just following it because of my parents are followers of that relgion , question all you want but search for the truth always not what is easier for you or because of an igo search for the truth even if it hurts like a bitch it won't be easy or short you got a long way

  • I have a US born Muslim friend, he's just like you. He doesn't /seldom follow his traditions, even often he jokes about Muslim stereotypes with us. He's the chillest Muslim I have ever met. I guess it has something to do in the neighborhood he was brought up in.
    Anyways, I believe you should live your life as you want. And even if all this shit is true, that we will go to hell , then its fine. We will party in hell, no regrets.

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    • lol but its not like this. not my situation.

    • Well, you said yourself: you start to question religion in general. This comes since you're not living in a muslim society, where a mindset explained in the video is developed.

      Like halal; does it fucking matter how the animal was killed? What's so bad about pork? Pig eating it's own shit? Newsflash! Pigs are also raised without them eating shit. Plus bacon is absolutely delicious. Alcohol? Drink responsibly! Killing infidels? Hey, but it seems like their world is better, so if we kill them, aren't we going to get down into shit we immigrated away from to begin with?

      So the way you asked the question, it seems like you're just like that woman in the video; you start to develop critical, logical thinking and therefore you start to have doubts if your religion even makes sense to begin with.

  • Well I'm Muslim and I'm really happy. No one can know where you will go when you dead. It's about the god. God can forgive you unless if you don't have really really big sins. Your sin isn't in there so relax you won't burn I hope 😆

  • No, but I know some ex-Muslims that dropped the religion. I predict that in the future, it won't just be Christian religions losing massive amounts of members, but also Islam and others.