Are you very good at math? Can you answer me this?

Let's say you are taking a test, it has 55 questions (crosses) and for each one you answer incorrectly a 0,25 is "withdrawn from the test score" (hope you get my drift. So if you answer four incorrectly a whole 1 is taken off your final test score.

How many questions do you have to answer correctly to get a 10 ?

and can you give me the math formula? So I could know if I were taking a test with, say, 50 questions or 30 etc
an the grades are 0-10


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  • I think the answer is 19, so you would get 19 points for the right answers and 55-19= 36 and 36x0.25 gives you 9 so you would loose 9 points for the incorrect/missed questions. Does that make sense? Xxx


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  • I would think 40 based on your numbers