How do you cope with trauma?

If arguments are a sensitive topic for you, please read this with caution or not at all. I really don't wish to trigger anyone.

My trauma, and my fear, is fighting. I am deathly afraid of arguments, yelling, and slamming doors. Most of the time I can cope with it (because I'm too tired to care), but sometimes it really gets to me and I want to break down and cry. Or, if I don't have an anxiety attack, then it will just put me in a really bad mood and ruin my day.

What can I do to "get over" my fear? How have you overcome yours? I saw a lot of domestic violence growing up, so I did develop a strong fear of loud arguments/noises. I am usually fine if I only hear one or two loud noises in a day, but anything after that scares me a lot.
Like today, someone in my class heard something really mean about his sister and got angry. He hit something hard and stormed out of class. I hardly flinched then, but later on in the day my mother and sister get into an argument, so direct yelling was involved. It made me angry, and now I want to run and hide from the world.


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  • I'm still dealing with my trauma and my fears.. it's been 10 months since it happened. It's basically something you deal with every day. Everyone copes differently and everyone heals differently. Maybe you should talk to a therapist about this or something! Dont ever try to cover up the pain.

    • Is it bad to cover up pain? I do it on instinct. I don't like to show my feelings, especially when I am at school. I mask everything so well that I become numb.

      Will that make things worse? What helps you?

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    • Yes it is. I tried to cover up my pain by partying, drinking and trying to hurt myself. It only made things worse. I'm at your stage where I don't like to show my emotions. People at school and everywhere else think I have a perfect life but I really don't. Slowly, I'm starting to show my emotions again which is good but before I wouldn't ever. Honestly, I make small goals for myself. I also realize that God is watching me and he has a plan. For a while I was mad at God because it happened... But then I realized he didn't mean for it to happen, their is just some sick people in this world that ruin it. I've also written in my journal, exercise and gardening. It really calms me down. My advice is to never bottle anything up. The steps towards healing is accepting it and moving toward at your own pace!

    • Okay. Thank you very much for your response.


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  • It's fine
    I don't know much about it but you should be calmed about it
    Don't think too much about it and divert your mind when that happens 😶


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  • I don't know. My tramas are like dead. I am numb my feeling and ignore them.!

    • How do you numb your feelings? I do it too, all the time, but sometimes I can't. I end up breaking down.

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    • I don't know I was very anti-social lol!

    • Alright, never mind then. :P

  • Self harm

    • That's the biggest mistake I ever made. You shouldn't do that to yourself.

  • I fear this too... my Dad used to yell at us for no reason! I'd say to just remember... they aren't yelling at/doing anything to you. Does people yelling ever make you cry, like me? You will be ok. Take some deep breaths when this occurs!!