Is it right that I have to take annual leave to spend a few days shadowing another team in the same company, for my professional career development?

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  • No, that's not right


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  • if they are making you miss your vacation then i dont feel its right. but how you worded your question it sounds as though its a military question. if it is then they have the right to cancel your leave any time.
    if it is known you are on leave. the other team doesn't expect you to be there so they might be more lax and make mistakes. the powers to be want to make sure the company will function even when key personnel are not there. .


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  • I could see how shadowing others has benefits, having to do that and with your annual leave sounds a little too much.

  • For your professional career development implies you are not going to use that new-found knowledge within the company, so heck yes

    • Actually I would since some of it relates to the work I do.

    • But my manager doesn't like people in his team doing things that doesn't directly produce statistics attributable to his team.