Who's your Favorite Overwatch Character?

A week's left until the game is about to release. I'm so excited.
I just absolutely love Lucio and D. Va :)

Who's your Favorite Overwatch Character?


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  • Honestly, they all look so dumb... this is the game for hipsters.
    I'm annoyed they brought that bright orange spandex wearing hipster into Heroes of the Storm... ruined a perfectly good MOBA with her high mobility BS.

    Okay that went vastly off topic... mostly because I absolutely hate their music and look and the way they marketed the game... I can see why people would like it because it does seem like it would be fun to play if you aren't judgmental (which I am when it comes to video games)...

    Personally, I'll be playing Battleborn.

    • Christ I didn't mean to offend you. :/

    • Oh, I wasn't offended! I hope you weren't either lol

      I literally just was playing Heroes of the Storm and going against the annoying Tracer so the mere mention of Overwatch might have made me overreact... haha sorry :)

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  • Sounds gay.


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