What does it mean when a guy looks deep into your eyes for quite sometime?

This guy constantly flirts with me and texts me most days. When we see each other, he looks deep into my eyes and I can't help but do the same. Often if we're sitting down, he slightly leans in and looks into my eyes and it feels like time slows down but there is a sense of peace.


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  • He seems really into you.
    Eyes are the window to a person's soul.
    Some people say if you can't look someone in the eyes, you are being deceptive.
    When this guy stares you in your eyes he is breaking down all barriers and really allowing you to see him in the way he sees you.

    • Deceptive is an interesting word to use. I agree with what you say. However it strikes me that actually the ability to look openly into peoples' eyes is rare. Most people have huge barriers up. I remember doing it to one girl while shopping for food. She seemed to be in the humdrum, and something caught me about her, and I looked honestly into her eyes and some magic happened. She then fellows me in the next aisle, stood next to me, as if 'talk to me eejit, I'm giving you huge signals'. I was like, I didn't bargain for this, I just wanted to look into your soul :P


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  • Dear girl, he's totally ate up with you. When he sees you, you have the upper hand and have him so totally captivated, he can't look at anything else. Maybe you feel the same way about him, but he definitely is head over heels thinking about you.

    Is he in love? I wouldn't go quite that far, but he's absolutely way past "like"!

  • He's admiring you and wants you

  • He is smitten by you perhaps

  • haha u and some guy sittin in a tree KAY EYE ESS ESS ING


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