Am I just lonely or craving attention?

I recently became a single parent and moved to a new city to be closer to my brother. After a very long unhappy toxic relationship my children's father left us and I felt I needed a new beginning. Since moving I have started seeing and sleeping with my brothers best friend. I have never been one to sleep around or have one night stands, on the contrary I have never even been with someone I wasn't in a serious relationship with until now. But, I have also taken a liking to a few different guys that I work with. I'm just wondering if it's because I'm lonely and crave attention after such a shitty relationship of not feeling wanted or good enough, or if it's just because I've been out of the game so long I just haven't noticed men in a while. There aren't strictly sexual thoughts, although I have a very healthy sexual appetite. I just seem to gravitate more towards the guys and feel the need to talk to them and just be around them. Sorry if this is confusing! Thanks in advance!


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  • Yes that's exactly what your doing. Just be careful, as another child is the last thing u need right now and these guys may just use u for sex and you'll get a bad reputation.

    • Of course! I'm using as much protection as I can, 2 children is more than enough for me to handle on my own emotionally and financially.

    • Also, I haven't pursued any of these other men. I've been seeing my brothers friend for about a month and even though it isn't serious, I couldn't imagine being with another person while with him. Call me old school but even without strings I'd feel as though I'm cheating which is a major no go for me. Being around him also makes me very happy, which I haven't truly been happy and relaxed in years. I wouldn't screw that up for a guy I barely know. (I've known the guy I'm seeing since we were pretty young)

    • Ok that sounds fine then and as long as u and kids are happy then no harm in doing it. May lead to more so good luck to u all :-)

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  • Maybe you seek validation