Is there ANYTHING good about women?

What happened to the question?


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  • it was hidden by the censhoring admins. while they keep tons of x-rated, misandric, nonsensical etc content on the site... . when someone asks a politically incorrect question gets flamed. they'll delete yours as well for spamming.

    • Were you the one who asked the question?

    • no, just a guess.


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  • I was going to do a post on this, so great question.

    A) when they are taken, most of them will not make eye contact with another man. I appreciate and respect that.
    B) women have a special bond with the child... they are emotional and able to really dig in intimately with the child which is essentail to their development
    C) they put a lot of time and energy into looking their best, men don't as much
    D) they have amazing memory. the more emotional the woman, the more powerful her memory is
    E) moms can be loving, my mom was awsome in that regard. that means she never judge, always supported us and encouraged.
    F) in younger days, I found girls more mature than boys, that was a plus
    G) women are very sexual once you get past their shield and to know them. I appreciate that!

    I'm sure there is more, that's a start.

  • Of course! I was singlehandedly raised by a woman and she loves me unconditionally. That's pretty awesome.

  • Um... I'm alive, for one.

  • Of course everything

  • What are you saying? EVERYTHING is good and awesome about women. I wish I was a woman.
    There is everything creepy and icky about male body and I hate being a man

    • I hope this is sarcasm.

    • @itsallover why is this sounds like sarcasm? Am being very serious!

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