Could I be crazy?

So lately (about 4 weeks) I've been feeling kinda weird... I get these intrusive thoughts all the time and they tell me to do things that I wouldn't normally do... And sometimes I do them without question and later I'll be like "wtf why did I do that?" And I've also been really paranoid. I was getting kinda worried so I told my mom and she started crying and said that my dad had schizophrenia... I didn't know what that was so I looked it up, and I perfectly fit the description for someone with the early symptoms... Also it's hereditary and symptoms usually start in the teens and twenties... I have been diagnosed with autism, anxiety, acute paranoia, and depression, but on the website it says that early schizophrenia symptoms can be misdiagnosed as those. Do you think I have schizophrenia? What should I do? So you know anyone with this condition? Please help!


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  • I think that it's likely, but we're not qualified to answer this question. You should look for professional help and then you'll have a better answer and start your treatment if necessary.


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  • I really don't think this is the kind of thing you should be asking anonymous people online. You really need to speak to a mental health professional about this, they can get you the help you need. If your mother hasn't already done this and you aren't old enough to do it yourself you need to ask her to set up an appointment with a doctor so you can get some help. Good luck.

    • You said everything I wanted to say. @anonymous listen to her!!

    • @electrikrainb0w I'm scared of doctors... What if they want to draw blood or something?

    • They probably wouldn't They are more likely to just do some brain scan along with you talking to someone (and probably taking some neurological assessment). But they can help you and make things better for you! :)


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  • No idea what it is but I hope you get fine 😶


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  • Yes a little.