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What would you do if you were in this position. You really like this girl or boy (depending on who is reading this) and some of your friends know about it. Your in one of your classes with the person you like and then your friend goes up to your crush and says "someone in this room likes you" because your friend said that your crush has been asking people who likes them. what would you do in this position because this happened to me today.


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  • The first thing I'd do is to pull my "friend" aside and yell at him/her for going to my crush and saying that. It's none of their business to interfere with my love affairs. This is one of the reasons high school can be obnoxious, you always have those "friends" that think they have to act as some kind of messenger or interpreter without having been asked for it. If I have a crush on a girl, I will wait for the right moment and tell it to her personally. I don't need some idiot lap dog walk over their and pretend to do me a favor when in reality he/she just wants to spread some unnecessary rumors.

  • Pretend that it's someone else but me and use that opportunity to hit that person in the face.


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