Opening blinds to stare/check out someone?

I have these attractive females that live across the street from me, and I see them stare at me all the time. I am not blind, and I can see them trying to be subtle check me out through their blinds everyday. Do any of you do the same? Don't lie either lol.


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  • I do that because I got a hot woman living across the street. Unfortunately she's married and has two kids. But I can't stop myself from taking a peek.

    • Riiiiight? My neighbor across has giant boobs, and she is always wearing tanks and yoga pants. She's married too, but that don't stop be from checking her out lol.

  • Either your are muscular and do some showup in the balcony or you are overthinking this. There's no way to be sure that some one is looking at you, when she's living in a apartment on the other side of road and her face is hidden in a window blind.

    • I am muscular, attractive, and in shape yes, but no I am not over thinking it. I see it all the time, I just don't talk about it to anyone. It doesn't bother me, just curious if anyone else does this.

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    • Hell nah get that creepy dude outta here lol.