In Christianity, does that mean God is still in good terms with you or your in good standing with Him?

In Christianity when good things are happening to you and a lot of people are being good to you many whom you just met for the first time, does that mean God is in good terms with you or is being good to you? Or still loves you?


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  • It no different than a non Christian going through that kind of happiness. Everyone has their ups and downs in life with God loving absolutely everyone perfectly equally.

    Christianity is your faith, love, and gratitude for His love, sacrifice and forgiveness for everyone, and what brings you to Heaven if you die as a Christian.

  • I'd like to point out first, that god is not the anthropomorphic old man in the sky that many religions depict. If a god is truly omnipotent, omnipresent and in essence, reality itself and Love... Then 'he' loves you unconditionally. He doesn't punish, he doesn't reward. He just Is. And if god is love, then just Being, is being Loved.

    So you are always in good standing with god, but you attract what you put out.

  • God always loves you. Everything happens for a reason, even if it's not apparent at that time.

    • but when good happen to you or people are being very nice, does that mean your receiving His favor or in good standing with Him?

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    • @Philosopher_Edge praying for you

    • but who is in control of or responsible for these things happening?