What makes you desire a womans mind?

Ok men. What makes you desire a womans mind? And what does it even mean?


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  • A man will never asks for brains from his lover but he will always look for it in his partner.

    You need to have some sort of intellectual fight with him for him to like your brains. You need to have a strong view point and argument while he is in his thinking mode. You need to prove to him that you are smart enough for him to consult with you in his planning but also friendly enough not to make the decision for him.


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  • For me, it means being educated. Willful. Intelligent. I'm reasonably intelligent, and I need stimulating conversation. Something I can learn from. And someone willful because I'm willful and I need someone that can bounce me back.

    I was with a girl for a while that had a BEAUTIFUL mind. I adored her.

  • when she has same interests as me.


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