Why do I fantasise about killing someone?

Not anyone specifically and I come up with elaborate ways to get away with it. like I think about if there was an intruder in my home I would grab my hunting knife from under my bed and I catch him by surprise and stab him in the chest and if he didn't have a weapon I'd grab a kitchen knife and put it in his hand before calling the police so I can claim self defence. Sometimes other situations where I'm killing the 'bad guy'. I never think about killing an innocent person though. I don't have some sort of hero complex it's the actual thought of taking someone's life, I guess I just imagine killing s 'bad guy' to sort of justify my dark thoughts? The scary thing is if I ever found my self in one of my imaginary situations I feel like I actually would do it. I'd like to add I don't have any mental illnesses nor am I depressed and my life in general seems to be on track I have a Loving girlfriend of 7 years that we have bought a house together, I have a car, a steady job etc. I just don't know why I'm having these thoughts.


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  • I don't know. Maybe you watch too many violent movies or play violent games?
    I hope this stays a fantasy 😐

    • Not really a movie or video game type of person. these thoughts are most vivid when I'm sharpening my knives, I can just sit there for hours sometimes and hold one looking at it thinking how easily and quickly this sharpened bit of metal can drain the life out of someone...

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    • But yes I do feel like if I was put in a situation like that I wouldn't hesitate... I don't know if I would enjoy it or regret it

    • In a real situation it would be a lot different. The taking of another life would be a serious thing. I wouldn't find it enjoyable even in self defence


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  • Sounds normal to me whenever someone's dick to me I think about ripping out their trachea, it's just fantasy some people fantasise about rape.

    • I don't know these thoughts can be pretty vivid and it's not just because a peticular person was a dick, most of the people I kill in my fantasy's don't have a recognisable face. And I almost feel like I want to be in one of these situations just so I can experience the taking of life from another human being

  • thats how many successful authors write mystery books. maybe you should write one too?