Am I financially/mentally prepared to live on my own?

I am a 16 year old girl. I am in an emotionally draining and isolating environment. I cannot connect with nor do i have a relationship with anyone in my family. In a nutshell, i haven't talked with my father in a year, after i convinced my mother to kick him out when he punched a hole through the closet door and lunged at me after a heated dispute with my mom, at which point i told him to leave. I have called the cops on him multiple times, as have the neighbors. No other family to turn to.. I have been living mentally on my own for years now, but i feel like i have to get out on another level. Yesterday my mother told me that i haven't felt like her daughter for over a year, and i dont blame her, but she is draining me. Everyday she cries. I've been her therapist since i was 12. I am a good student. Straight A's. Career planned out, and know exactly how to get there. I currently work at a burger joint. I have worked here half a year and have been told many times what a good employee i am, and i know i could get more shifts if i ask. Minimum wage here is $11.25/hr, and on my own, i plan on working about 5 days a week for four and six hour increments (roughly $1075/month). I have never once drank, done drugs, or partied. I choose my friends carefully, and i have never been romantically involved, nor do i plan on being anytime soon. I am overall a good kid, but i know that living on my own is an experience that nothing could prepare me for. I can sign a lease legally here (Ontario, Canada), and the living accommodations are dirt cheap compared to other provinces. Average bachelor goes for about $550/month. I plan on living near my work, and their is a high school right next to it that i could attend. I've reviewed my rights, My parents would legally have to pay for some expenses. As you can see, i am fairly confident in myself, but it would be ignorant to act upon this without any unbiased opinions. Any advice is appreciated greatly, thanks.


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  • You sound like you have your shit together, so why not go for it? Your home environment isn't great and you'd probably benefit from being on your own.

    • Also, props to you for doing all this research and hard work. I can barely operate a microwave, so I have no idea what I'd do if I was thrust in a completely independent situation like yours. Good luck!

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  • Besides the fact that your story is heartbreaking (which you probably don't want to hear too much about so I'll focus on answering your question), I think you're better prepared to live on your own than most people who do. See if you can find some place where you live with other people, maybe students, in one building. That way they can help you get started and it gives some social life at home. Truly living alone can be hard and can make you feel lonely.

    I think the money you're planning to make should be enough to live without too much worry. You don't need expensive furniture or a car and you don't have to feed children, so your living costs are probably low if you're a bit responsable.

    I wish you the best of luck!


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  • NOOO! lol

  • Yeah you seem responsible but school always comes first and don"t get too caught with work your gonna be one busy teenager