Moral question #1: Which car would you choose?

You have to drive this to work every day.

A: This pretty one. However every time you use turn signal/back up/maneuver, the song ( . com/watch? v=dFdRqoVSZPE) is played from the lyric part and is clearly hearable by the surrounding people. No cheating with removing the loudspeakers, suppressing the sound etc. The harder you rev, the louder the song.

Moral question #1: Which car would you choose?
B: this one. Technically it's fully working, sometimes clutch failure. It surely starts up every morning. A bit awkward sound and emits more smoke than usually.

You have to use the common parking space in the office yard.



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  • I ll take the pooping car


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  • I'm not allowed to drive for health reasons but if I was, I'd have to choose number one (among these two). I wouldn't be allowed to drive a car like number two in my country.


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