Is romance for white or Latino people only?

It seems that the people with the best chance of falling in love these days are whites or Latinos. I noticed that white and Latino people are usually the ones who date and then marry. And when I see Asian women, a lot of times, they are with white men. But I don't see a lot of white women with Asian men (like I do with Latino men) and if I do, they divorce a lot. And I also noticed that black relationships tend to last not very long as well.

It seems that whites and Latinos seem more compatible with each for some reason, as opposed to the other races. And if Asians do get accepted, it's more so the females than the males. I mean, I've gotten into a lot of trouble for consorting with white women, while the white men freely scoop up Asian women, so it's double standards.

A lot of romance seems to be hindered by ethnic stereotypes and whites and Latinos get less affected. Like, there's a lot of negative connotations associated with African Americans, East Asian men, Indians, Arabs, etc., while Caucasians and Hispanics have it better than we do.

Sometimes, I wonder if whites and Latinos have the lion's share of romance, while South Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, and black men all get thrown in the dumpster.

If so, how can a man of ethnic heritage like myself, impress the white women?


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  • I don't know man life is unfair

    • It is. That's why I scoff at those stupid romance stories, since it's reserved for whites or Latinos only. Oftentimes, I don't see South Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, or black men being featured prominently.

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  • Women of all races and skin color don't have problems getting a man's attention. Can't say the same for men of all races and skin color though. Guys like South Asian guys like Indian guys for example, East Asian guys, or darker skinned guys of other races not counting black guys have it really tough. The racially disadvantaged guys still have a shot if they can compensate by being either tall, rich, buff, or really light skinned (not counting East Asian guys for light skinned).

    • You're wrong about black men though. There are a lot of women who love black men. There are also a lot of women who love Middle Eastern since many of them are very light skinned and can have Caucasian like features.

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    • A lot of the white women with black men that I've seen tend to be portly, overweight, and obese. Meanwhile, most of the successful black men that I've seen are with the lighter-skinned, thinner, mixed race black women.

    • Any woman can get attention but not every girl can get romance

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  • i have had romance with African men, i watch kdramas that have korean romance so im pretty sure it happens there too, bollywood seems awfully romantic and cheesy so...

  • I think there's a chance, I mean my boyfriend is Asian. Just be yourself, if they want to rely of stereotypes about your ethnic heritage to judge you then they aren't worth it


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  • Why not stop being a creepy obsessed with white women, and have "romance" with a woman of your own race instead of having some bizarre fetish and blaming white people for your problems?

    • Because I cannot relate to Asian women. They're too short for me and they're too narrow-minded and preppy. And I'm not the best student, unlike most Asians.

      Besides, I grew up in a white neighborhood, so I'm used to seeing more white faces than I do my own race.

    • The way you wrote this whole question is blaming whites for blacks or Asians not having good relationships. Yet you're being part of your own problem--not wanting to date your own race. You're using negative stereotypes against dating your own race, and blaming whites.

      Grow up, and stop being a weirdo. Go date your own race and be happy.

    • No, I absolutely refuse to date Asian women. For me, it's white women or no women at all.

  • Have money and you win

    • Yeah, but I don't. I only make $26,000 a year as I stand, though I'm getting my master's degree now.

  • Stopped taking you seriously when you said impress white women.

    • Why not? White women are my preferred women, even though I'm not white. Asian women are too narrow-minded for me and they're too short for a 6'2" man, such as myself.

  • Latino isn't even a race , however most people in latin America have European ancestry idiot

    • Not in Mexico, a good number of them have indigenous heritage and are called Mestizos.

    • Mestizo and Latino isn't an interchangeable term, the black people in Haiti are Latino as well but in terms of race have fuckall to do with mestizos from mexico. Anyone from the Americas who speaks some form of French , Spanish or Portuguese as a native language is Latino not just mestizos