Whats the weirdest ad youve ever seen on GaG?

I know youve seen plenty lol whats the one you recall that stood out the most?

Whats the weirdest ad youve ever seen on GaG?


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  • Igh that godawful irritable bowl syndrome medicine commercial. The one with the walking intestines. It's frickin gross😷

    • I think I've seen that :O lol its pretty nasty. I often get "muslim date" and I am not even muslim xD

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  • i would have to say the one im looking a now about chocolate lol the women sells it if the brand of the chocolate doesn't lol.

    • I currently have "Elite singles" lol wondering what makes a single person elite. They have been single for 100 years or? xD

    • i have seen those adds ion tv and they seem like a site for guy who owns islands and stuff not for the common guy lol

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