I have such a hard time going into school and work?

I haven't really ever had a job. The one's I've had.. I left after a week.
I've been looking for a job for a while now just to make a little money on the side while I'm at school. I got a job as Bass Pro Shops. Just a part time thing. I was so excited. I personally love the store, so i was happy to get a job there.
I went in for training, and a couple of shifts. Everyone is super nice and I enjoy myself.
Yesterday was my 4th day going in. It was a 5-10 shift. I sat in my room for half an hour contemplating going in. I didn't know what was wrong but I just couldn't bring myself to go into work. I called in sick and then started crying.
This has happened with every past job, and it even happens with school.
There has been times that I've gotten out of the house, in the truck, drove 30-40 minutes to school, and sat there in the parking lot for 15 minutes before I turned around and went home.

I just don't know what's wrong with me.


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  • Reminds me of someone else. Typical laziness.


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  • do you perhaps have a problem with socializing? it's just a guess... i don't like going into my job because the rude customers make me crazy... but i like school, because the people are calm and we can be ourselves. of course, there is also the possibility that you are afraid of change. my roommate has this problem. that's why she still hasn't moved out of hud housing. could you be afraid of making your own life?

  • Sounds like you have something like anxiety or depression, go see a doctor.