Is war and figthing amongst each a wast of time?

Since the beging if time we have been fighting with each other on just personal views and control of land, and so on, and so on.
When we should be uniting as a human race and improving our technology for the better of man kind and space travel. What are your thougths on this matter?


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What Girls Said 2

  • mostly but I believe there are times it is necessary.

  • Yes it is but hey until we all learn to share somethings just won't change


What Guys Said 1

  • No, it isn't a waste of time. War is important.

    • Why is it important? It only makes people suffer.

    • War has produced much in the way of mankind. We believe that death is evil, but death is naught but an means to an ends, for with every war humanity has grown more and more humane. From clubbing one another and taking no prisoners and raping entire countries to the Geneva Convention and Declaration of Human Rights war has been the footfall that no one wants to admit needed to exist.

      It isn't something like "there is no peace without war" but instead two legs on the same bipedal man, the left food is war, the right, peace, and no step can be completed without both feet. The birth of Ethics, the development of Law, the progression towards mercy and tolerance; all of these are the true spoils of war that no one wants to see.

      A shame, but necessary nonetheless.