How to get away from this f*ckfest drama?

Okay so I made a new friend a few months ago she was dating one of my guy friends that I hung out with growing up.

Anyways She cheated on him with some guy and now is blaming my guy friend who was the cheated one.

She he wants me to choose sides,

( I'm not telling her I'm on his side. Because she cheated.)

on top of that one of my other friends won't stop dragging me into this drama sh*t

I don't want to lose any friends or get sucked more into this how can I get away from this drama without hurting anyone's feelings?


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  • Fck her for making you choose.. what is this middle school? Id drop her all together. She cheated on him too that shows what type of person she is.. sounds like a piece of shit to me


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  • it's really hard to say but i am "angry " at that new friend for doing this too u i mean she asks u to chose and side and top of that she is the cheater an acuses your best friend? WTF i think you should be with your male best friend i don't see any "friend" here i am sorry to be so brutally honest but she is really bad to do this i mean i think she made all this happen so she is the problem so she shouldn't ask so much of you and she is not a good friend and girlfriend i am so sorry to be that harsh but i've been hurt in my life a lot because of people pretending they were my "friends" that i don't want this to happen to or anyone.. shame on this and on her, be strong u need to protect yourself from getting hurt and you need to support your friend in order to not lose him


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  • Be Switzerland, and stay out of it ;)

  • You walk away and you don't even read your own blog

  • Just tell them you don't want to be in the middle.