Would you go skinny dipping with only one girl or is that weird?

I've always loooved the idea of going skinny dipping on a hot summer's night. So I picked out a guy I'd like to do it with. I just love the thought of being in that lake with him, at night, everything's quiet around us, the water reflecting the moonlight, and the two of us just heavily making out in the water...

Anyway I did some googling and apparently most people do that kind of stuff in larger groups. However I'm not interested in taking any of my friends with me. The guy I picked out once did it with a bunch of guy friends 2 years ago, so he'd be up for it I guess. But is it weird if I just ask him? We've made out a couple of times (at parties & at his place) and he's practically begged me to sleep with him so I guess he thinks I'm attractive, though I'm not sure.

But still: we don't really have much of a bond. I don't see him a lot and we haven't even texted each other in two weeks. We aren't really friends. So if going skinny dipping with just ONE person is weird enough already, it would be double weird to ask him if we don't even have much of a relationship, right? We get along really really well (whenever we actually talk) but I don't want him to be weirded out... but it's just such a fantasy of mine. What do you think? Should I go over to his place sometime again and kind of bring it up while we're getting it on? Or is it TOO weird? And: HOW would you ask?

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  • The guy is not even your boyfriend and you want that? I mean it's hard to resist this kind of offer unless the guy doesn't find you attractive. I think you look good so just simply ask him out to go out to the lake and the rest of the making out will just follow.


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  • If it is with one girl, then no problem. It inspires the imagination ;)


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  • I mean, I would prefer to do it with a guy, but I don't think that's weird. It can be exciting, fun, silly, sexy, etc...

  • That's on my bucket list <3 :D