Why is my Android 5.1 phone acting crazy lately?

Ever since the new Google keyboard came out, my phone has been acting strange. After a few seconds of a settings menu being open, I can't select anything. Same with my restart menu... i had to pull the battery out to reboot. When I was trying to text my girlfriend, it was skipping around and sending random letters to her.

What the hell is going on with my phone? I'm this close to just buying an iPhone SE... I don't have a virus. I already scanned my phone.

My phone scrolls really slow now, too.


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  • it's the rise of the machines oh fuck run for it


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  • I would download another keyboard app. I have used Go! Keyboard ever since I got an Android because of the spacing of the keys, size of the keys, emoji support and all the skins available.

    Get either Go! Keyboard or SwiftKey instead of Google Keyboard, at least for now until the glitch gets patched.


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  • That happened to my LG. And a few days later the keyboard completely disappeared. If you have the warranty on it, send it to the manufacturer. With my phone it turned out the battery was faulty. Maybe it's the battery with your phone too


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  • I have the same issue lol maybe try installing a different keyboard app?

    Anyway, when something like this happens to me I just factory reset my phone, but be careful if you do that cause it erases all files.

    • And yeah, definitely getting an iPhone next. Android has scarred me for life.

    • I installed Swype, and now that one won't even open... It keeps showing the suggestion bar at the vottom of the screen, and the keys don't show up... Google keyboard seems to be okay again, but the settings issue is still there.

    • I have a 6s plus, they aren't that good, Android has so many more features and apps :(

  • What's the brand and model of your device?

    As a rule of thumb, avoid having any app that you don't actually use installed.

    Sometimes a reset or restoring your phone helps too.

    • ZTE ZMAX 2

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    • I see. It's not about the launcher. It's how that version of Android is working on your phone.

      The launcher is what you see and interact with. But the rest of the software is definitely not as clean as, let's say, something from the Moto line from Motorola (now Lenovo).

    • What would you recommend? I've thought about the iPhone SE for the camera, but I've read some stuff that kind of bothers me. I don't mind staying with Android, but I would like to not spend a lot of money. I got the ZMAX 2 because it has a 5.5" screen, 2gb of ram, and a 3000 mah battery. All for around $100. It worked fine until a few days ago.

  • Install SwiftKey

    • The issues are not limited to the keyboard... if I more than a second or two to make a choice in the Android settings menu, it becomes unresponsive, and highlights the top choice when I tap, but doesn't anything.

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    • Does it shoot 240 fps?

    • Hmm... apparently only 120 fps.

      The Nexus 6P knows 240 fps.

  • Sounds like you have a Corrupted upgrade file. Google it.