Why would someone look at you and look away real fast?

I wonder why people do that.


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What Guys Said 2

  • they are attracted but don't knwo what to do about it and didn't want to see you looking. girls do it, guys do it.

    • Sorta like they're intimidated of you?

    • yes, unsure of the situation or themselves... like maybe they shouldn't have been looking?

  • shyness and, because they dont want to be harshly judged for looking in provocative ways, and guys know girls hate being looked at in those ways, mostly because they dont understand attraction love or desire for the opposite gender.

    • But he wasn't really staring we just happened to look at each other as he was coming towards an area and I was going the opposite direction

    • your describing in every detail what i do with girls because im very shy around them because i love them and wish they would approach, ask me out etc cause ill never approach because I've always been rejected and ignored so i know im not wanted, plus its the girl who decides who they want anyways

What Girls Said 1

  • They didn't mean to look at you, you just were in their line of vision.

    • Okay, but why the quick as lightning response as opposed to a casual head turn