How can I convince myself that I'm at least somewhat good looking?

I can never fully convince myself that I'm at least somewhat good looking, how can I change this? Please help because sometimes I just feel like I'm so ugly :( and it doesn't really help that my girlfriend hardly ever describes to me how or if I'm even handsome/cute


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  • give us a run down of a few of your features

    • Brown eyes and hair. My hair is a medium length and slightly brushed to the side and in the front it's directed to the side/up. I have more of a defined chin, not a defined jawline. Nothing special about my lips, and my nose bridge has a very slight bump. My skin gets a very shiny tan in the summer and faded tan in the winter (I'm part Latino and Native American)

    • okay well u have a lot going for u. lots of girls like dark hair and eyes.
      i can't imagine ur hair but medium length is great.
      defined jawlines are overrated, only a bonus.
      tans are also very nice. learn to love each feature you have, know how to make it work and appreciate yourself as a whole because I'm sure ur being harsh on yourself.

    • Thank you!

  • Talk to me I will make you feel amazing promise *hugs*😊


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  • It doesn't even matter. You look how you look. Nothing much you can do about that. :P