I look taller than I am?

So I'm around 171cm and my friend is around 175-176cm. My friend wears like shoes with 2-3cm heels and I wear flat shoes but we look exactly the same height. People usually mistake me for being taller than I actually am. Did they measure wrong at the doctors or is it just some sort of illusion? My friend was really surprised when I told her I'm 171cm tall.


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  • Do you stand up tall? Does she slouch? Pay attention to this next time you two hang out.

    • WelI I do stand up tall if you mean like walking with a straight back.

    • Yes, that's what I do mean. It makes a big difference

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  • u can't look taller than you are m8

    • You'd be surprised.

    • but thats like saying a centimeter looks like more than a centimeter

    • You can fool people by being lean, confident, and muscular. I have a friend whose barely 5'8, but lots of people think that he's 5'11.


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  • Why does this matter? lol. Im taller than the guy I been seein. I kinda like it.. he's perfect size for me. What is the hype about height? and how tall is that in inches and feet anyway.

    • 171cm = 5'7" and 175-176cm = 5'9"

    • ok. well those heights are fine.. I think its no big deal. Im 5'7" and the guy im seein is maybe 5'2-5'3"?

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  • You're under 18 so maybe you grew a little after the doctors measured you last time. I'm 205.74 cm so you will feel a lot shorter next to me lmao.

    • You're a giant even if I was 180cm hahaha

  • maybe there's some kind of illusion, lol