Why do I look more like my mom than my dad?

My mom is polish. She has medium brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
My dad is arabic. He has black hair, dark brown eyes, and not so pale, but not dark skin.

I inherited absolutely nothing from my dad. I have pale skin, brown hair, and blue eyes just like my mom. But according to genetics, shouldn't I have darker eyes and hair? I've always pondered about this, my mom tells me it was just "god interfering." Could there be any scientific explanation to this or did I just get lucky with my moms genes?


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  • no darling, genetics works in amazing ways. you can never predict the outcome. there is no 'interfering' lol, it's just your design and the way you were created.

  • When it comes to genetics, anything is possible. Especially when your parents don't have the same features.
    In your case, I think your mom's genes are "stronger", so that's why you look more like her.
    Plus, you are a girl. I guess if you were a boy, you probably would look more like your dad.

  • Genetics says it's possible if your dad has a dominant and a recessive trait in his genes. Supposed your mum has recessive traits (rr) and your dad has a recessive and a dominant (Dr), would give offsprings of:
    (Dr), (Dr), (Dr), (rr)
    Means there was a 25% probability that you'd be like your mum. :)