Suggestions for new haircut (pic included)?

Suggestions for new haircut (pic included)?Going for a haircut tomorrow. I've had this one for years now so it's time for something new. Pic included so you can get a general idea of what would suit me. Looking for something short/medium. Any suggestions appreciated.


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  • One option is get one side disconnected and have the part shaved. It's a style that David Beckham had. You can have the other side blended or disconnected aswell if you like.
    Another option is get a military style cut, but you can have the top and back/sides longer. It is usually like a HnT (high and tight). The sides and back is cut really short like a 1 or 0 or shaved. The top is generally left longer like an inch and a half or longer.
    Option 3 is basically same style as you had before but it's cut shorter. You can get the sides and back faded or just have it cut with a 1 to 3 guard, have the top blended and left longer like only cut 1 inch off or something as an example.
    You can get a classic crew cut or buzzcut.

    • You can also get the classic short back and sides haircut with just a trim on top.


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  • That works for you, maybe I would suggest you grow it out bit so you can have more options.


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  • Get a flat top