Why do I keep dreaming of being pregnant?

I've had two dreams in the last month about being pregnant which is really weird because I've never had a dream like that. And what's more crazy it's like my first dream somehow continued in my second dream. In my first dream it's like I'm finding out I'm pregnant and I'm excited and I'm flipping through a calendar to write down the due day but before I saw anything I woke up. Than I had a dream last night where my belly was only slightly more protruding I guess when a pregnant woman is first starting to show , and my boyfriend was rubbing my belly and what not and than again I ended up looking at a calendar. I than saw the month of December and I believe others were June & July. It was weird that the dreams meshed so well when I had them at least 2 or so weeks apart. Any ideas why I'm having this dream?


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  • Maybe be it is your mind telling you that your body is ready. Now you just need a husband.


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  • its a prophecy dream write down the dates they are important, you will understand the dream and meaning when its time to. you may have more dreams like these write them down to keep track of them they will tell you a story


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  • Dreams rarely mean what they seem on the surface. Aka a dream about pregnancy doesn't quite literally mean you will become pregnant. Every event, symbol, person present etc. in your dream represents something different. You're subconscious mind is trying to communicate something to your conscious mind, that's what dreams are for. To determine the meaning you need to analyze your dream by noting things like how you felt in the dream, who was present and what was their role in the dream, how did you or other react to certain events. All these things can tell you what you may be worrying about in your waking life, or what feelings or hopes or desires you may be suppressing.