Ever daydream about buying a really hardcore fixer upper house?

Like I'm talking $10,000 sitting on 10 acres fixer upper. lol.

"I have always heard that 10 acres of wood lot properly managed will provide all of a familys needs forever. That includeds housing, furniture, heating and cooking. That number seems right to me here in SW Pa, I think NY state would be about the same. "
Also, do you like planting trees, chopping down trees and making firewood?


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  • Absolutely not. My parents bought a house that was literally just walls and a roof. It was horrible to live in and grow up in. I NEVER want to repeat that.

    • LOL. Ya but at this price range, the fact that it has a good roof is a pretty good deal :)

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    • Was "literally just walls and a roof" not clear to you?

    • That's pretty hardcore. Did you guys just make do or did you slowly add in the plumbing and stuff?

  • Sure why not I've fixed up my house... I wasn't updated since the 60s so


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